Kind Cactus Massage opened in 2018 and moved to Bracebridge in August 2021; it is owned by Kimberly Kane, RMT, BSc.

Kimberly (she/her) graduated as the valedictorian from Kikkawa College in Toronto, receiving top academic honours and an award for contribution to the school community.

Kimberly Kane

After many years of receiving regular massages to help keep everything in balance during her ultramarathon training, Kimberly decided to ditch her desk job and return to school to pursue the much more active profession of massage therapy.

Kimberly’s focus is on helping people to keep moving, whether her client’s chosen movements involve sports, running after kids, repetitive movements with work or a hobby, or maintaining activities of daily life. She can help address a myriad of conditions including chronic pain, general muscle tension, sports injuries, tension headaches, and stress.

Have any questions? Email Kimberly at kimberly@kindcactusmassage.com.