Are your treatments covered by insurance?

I am a registered massage therapist, so my treatments are covered by all plans that cover massage therapy. After your appointment, you can submit your receipt to your insurance company for reimbursement. Some insurance companies require a doctor’s note before they will cover massage therapy. It is best to confirm coverage with your insurance carrier prior to booking your treatment to avoid any surprises.

Is your treatment room quiet?

Yes. My treatment room has a sound-dampening door, sound-dampening insulation, and the drywall was installed with resilient channels to reduce noise transmission from other parts of the home. I can’t guarantee complete silence, but I have done a lot to ensure a quiet space for treatment. I have worked in many different facilities, and my current treatment room is by far the quietest. 

How do you issue your receipts?

I issue my receipts electronically (via email).

Do your prices include HST?

The prices listed on my website and shown at booking do not include HST. All treatments are subject to 13% HST.

What payment types do you accept?

I accept credit cards, debit cards, eTransfer, or cash (but I don’t keep change on hand, so please ensure you have exact payment). Please note that the prices shown at booking do not include HST, so remember to factor in the tax if you are paying by cash.

Can I pick the music?

Yes. I use Spotify, so you can request a playlist or artist you like.

Where can I park when I come for my appointment?

Please park on the left side of the driveway (do not block garage) or on the north side of Dill Street (Note: clinic is on the south side). 

Can I talk/stay silent during my massage?

When it comes to conversation, I take my cues from my patients. There is some necessary conversation when it comes to checking in on your comfort level, giving instructions on draping or position changes, or asking some follow-up questions about an injury, etc. Outside of those interactions, you can be as quiet or as chatty as you’d like, and I will follow your lead.

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! You should always feel comfortable asking your RMT questions about any aspect of your treatment during your appointment. If you have questions before or after your appointment, please feel free to email me at kimberly@kindcactusmassage.com.

What is included in an appointment?

My goal is to provide you with the best treatment to reach your goals. Therefore, each appointment includes time to discuss your goals for the treatment, to assess your current status, and to provide home care as needed to give you the best results possible. In other words, a 60-minute appointment is not a 60-minute massage. In your initial appointment, the interview and assessments will take more time than they do in subsequent appointments when we have established a treatment plan for you; subsequent appointments usually allow for more time on the table.

Do you have pets?

Yes. I have a dog, but the dog is not allowed in the clinic room and is not allowed access to my patients as they enter and leave the house. I also run a HEPA filtering unit in the treatment room throughout every appointment.

Is your clinic wheelchair accessible?

There are eight indoor steps to my clinic room, so it is not accessible. However, I can offer some alternatives for clients in wheelchairs as I do have a wheelchair lift into a different section of my home. Please call me to discuss the options: (705) 640-0489. 

Are you vaccinated against the virus that causes COVID-19?

Yes, I am vaccinated and I have received my boosters.

Is this a home-based clinic?

Yes it is a home-based clinic. Treatments are by appointment only. There is no waiting area, so please arrive no more than five minutes before your appointment.

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Do you sell gift cards?

Yes. I sell digital gift cards. You can choose to have them emailed to yourself or directly to the recipient. Gift cards are for a chosen dollar amount, not specific treatments.